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Career Change and Transition Masterclass

Are you at a Career Crossroads? - Stuck, wondering 'What's Next' and looking for a breakthrough? If so Steve's Career Change and Transition Masterclass is for you. 

"You spend more waking hours at work than in any other activity. Life is too short so why be unhappy? Take the 'leap of faith' and do what you love!" Steve's mantra

A number of years ago, Steve created a unique 1 day event to take a small group of people on a ‘voyage of self discovery’ and bring about much greater self awareness to help determine new career direction. This encompasses aspects of Steve's highly successful Career Navigation Cycle process combined with a powerful group dynamic of like mined people, often 'lost', at a career crossroads and asking themselves 'what's next'? Things have moved on significantly since then. Steve has become an Internationally acclaimed author, leading Career Coach and recognised specialist in career change and transition.

This is a very special day to invest time and positive energy in you! Challenge yourself, open up new thinking to unlock your potential enabling you to explore new opportunities and ultimately navigate your way to a brighter future! Over the years, people have come from as far and wide as Glasgow, Manchester, Birmingham and Cornwall to attend Steve's unique Career Change and Transition Masterclass to kick-start their breakthrough change.

Watch Steve Engwell, a Masterclass delegate, sharing views of the day

Little did Steve know that his Career Change and Transition Masterclass would have such an impact! Why?.....Because of the amazing 'cocktail' of positive energy created by the powerful small group dynamic, camaraderie and supportive environment between like minded people, the range of focused activities and coaching resulting in incredible 'eureka' moments and even life changing transformations!

Steve now runs these unique events mostly on demand, often with his key associate, Personal Brand Specialist and Impact Coach, Debbie Smith. Steve, Debbie and other colleagues have helped hundreds of satisfied clients achieve a breakthrough career change from these these special events. You can be next!

Who should attend?

  • You are in transition, lost following redundancy and unsure what to do next
  • Maybe you are stuck in a rut, unfulfilled, not achieving your true potential
  • You have thought about a career change but are uncertain what to do next and how to start
  • Maybe you thought about starting a business but are unsure if it is right for you
  • You enjoy being in a small group environment with supportive, like-minded professional people, all sharing a common purpose

If the answer is yes to one or more of these points, Steve's inspirational Career Change & Transition Masterclass could be the right tonic for you!

Outcomes from the day - Steve's Career Change and Transition Masterclass Guarantee

By giving yourself permission for 'me time' and participating fully in the day you will:

  • 'Let go' and look forward
  • Re-evaluate what is important in your career and life and WHY
  • Create your vision of success
  • Unlock your potential, skills, attributes, hidden talents, passions, interests
  • Find out who you are and what you have to offer
  • Overcome limiting beliefs to start exploring what might be possible
  • Start the planning process to achieve a successful career change or transition
  • Come away energised, with greatly increased self awareness and confidence
  • Your head spinning with new possibilities to make significant changes in your career and life!

This unique and highly acclaimed Career Change & Transition Masterclass Includes:

  • An action packed full day of individual, group activities and coaching
  • A small group (maximum 8 people) of talented like minded professional people all at a career crossroads and looking to change something about their career and life
  • Refreshments on arrival, throughout the day and light buffet lunch
  • An invaluable 20 page career change workbook / toolkit
  • Follow up email support
  • Bonus extra...your own personalised signed copy of Steve's Internationally acclaimed 'Winning Through Career Change' book!

Your Investment

Steve's 'Navigate Your Way to a Brighter Future' Career Change and Transition Masterclass is £498 inclusive - This is exceptional value at around 40% of the price of Steve's standard Breakthrough Career Development 1:1 coaching programme!

Please note: Steve’s Masterclass is for a small group of maximum 8 people and is now run almost exclusively based on demand. If you are interested in attending such an event, click on the Preview tab for details. If there is an upcoming event available, please don't delay. Take action straight away to kick start your career, as it sells out quickly! If this sounds exciting but no new event is showing, contact Steve for more information to register your interest or discuss possible alternatives.

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"I returned from a four-year stint teaching in Japan this summer with a few vague ideas of what I wanted to do, but no real conviction that any of them were right for me, and a whole lot of fear about what would happen next. I'd been thinking about seeing a career coach for a while, and after a good deal of hesitation I sent Steve an e-mail. As luck would have it there was a Career Change and Transition Masterclass a week later.
I began the day subdued and unsure of myself. I ended that day a man transformed, a huge smile on my face. It had finally dawned on me that I did have a passion in life, and that passion is teaching. I even (briefly) had to fight back tears, so emotional was I about finally making the breakthrough. Steve and his co-facilitator Debbie make an incredible team. They have an amazing way of breaking down all the fears that hold a person back from achieving his / her potential, of making the fears which complicate all our lives seem inconsequential. I can't recommend Steve, Debbie or the Masterclass highly enough. If you're dithering over a change of career, look no further. All the tools for finding a more fulfilling one and building your self-confidence are right there for you."
Shakeel Mawani

"Steve's knowledge and understanding of the Science of work and career is exemplary. His ability to see how to help others to realign their internal belief systems with their need to work produces explosive results. This helps to attain new goals and create new work pathways that had not previously been considered available or possible before. His Masterclass is inspiring, creative and an essential rewiring for the brain of somebody at a dead end. Steve has a friendly and personable manner which makes working with him a pleasure. I thoroughly recommend Steve and his Career Change and Transition Masterclass."
Simon Dwight

“Attending Steve's Career Change and Transition Masterclass gave me a framework to work within. His relaxed facilitation style immediately put me at ease where I felt comfortable working with complete strangers, revealing my hidden talents as the day unfolded. I left feeling excited and ready to go, energised and confident about what I needed to do. The next day I awoke with clarity of purpose, feeling bold and brave. As a result, I am working through my corporate re-organisation knowing I will start my portfolio career, very soon! Thank you”.
Tina Fahmy

“Steve provided me with outstanding support when I worked with him at Pickfords Travel and again during a transition in my career. His Career Change and Transition Masterclass gave me a very timely and necessary focus, enabling me to move on positively. He has been the biggest influence on my career and I recommend him highly”
Jes Paine

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