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I Want A Career Change

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6 steps to navigate the way to a brighter future – 4 set Career CD Audio Book

  • Are you ‘lost in your job’, stuck in a rut, unfulfilled and need to change?  
  • Returning to work following a career break and in need of new direction? 
  • Recently lost your job through redundancy and are unsure what to do next? 

If you are looking for inspiration to kick start your career change Steve’s audio book is a must for you!

“The first step to change is self awareness!”

Startling research shows that 1 in 2 people are in the wrong job and 2 out of 3 are unfulfilled in their work! So why don’t more people do something about it? Because….most people either don’t know how to change careers or find it too scary to make a career change. Does this sound like you or someone you know? If so……

This highly acclaimed 4 set Career CD Audio Book (or MP3 download) features Steve Preston, The Career Catalyst ®, sharing his knowledge and experience to inspire you to take the leap of faith and make a successful career change. With over 2 hours of great ‘nuggets’ , this is a brilliant gift for your or someone special to you!

‘I Want A Career Change’ sample review  (lots more below and on Amazon) 

A definite for anyone who knows deep down they want to move on to a more fulfilling career. A 6 step strategy that will help you make the move following your desires, attributes, skills and achievements. Steve talks in a straight forward down to earth manner which you can relate to immediately. His own experience and those of his clients are tantamount to this. Excellent product.
LAHornbogen, 5 Stars

Life is too short to do work you don’t enjoy. Listen to Steve share the learning points from his own career transition journey following redundancy, how to follow his 6 step SMP Career Navigation Cycle process, plus some inspiring case studies from clients and people who have made amazing career changes to find work they love and achieve a meaningful and fulfilling life so you too, can come to love Mondays!

Here are some example reviews taken from Steve’s pages:

Empowering and Invaluable
Do you love Mondays? This may sound like an impossible dream but it’s not and Steve Preston demonstrates how to take control of your own future and do something you really love. This excellent set of four CDs takes you step-by-step through the SMP cycle – it is simple to follow but very powerful and helps you deal with fears and procrastination that may inevitably come up along the way. Steve also shares his own career transition journey and client case studies, which I found both enjoyable and inspiring. If you really want to find the work you love, then start here!
Leda Sammarco, 5 Stars

Excellent Tools towards a new Career
Having lost my job, I am taking a break and then intend to pursue a new career. I found these cd’s to be hugely inspirational and encouraging, and they have helped me to have an enthusiastic mindset for the future, in these times of pessimism. I now already have an idea about what my future career might be, and I may well contact Steve for some one-to-one coaching sessions to help me along the way. I can thoroughly recommend these cd’s for anyone seeking a career change.
Bridget M, 5 Stars

Great for redundancy!
I bought this audio CD set for a friend who had just been made redundant. It really gave him confidence and hope that there was life for him after being made redundant, and it has helped him to plan ahead about what he wants to do next. Highly recommended.
Balloon, 5 Stars

Perfect for anyone looking to change careers
The information contained in this audio cd is invaluable and helped me to focus and formulate what I needed to do, to REALLY make the change I’ve wanted to make for ages. Steve puts across his views and advice in a relaxed and informative style making it easy and enjoyable to listen to whilst giving you precise and valuable information. Highly recommended to anyone thinking of changing career direction who is not sure of the best way to achieve their goals.
Keri, 5 Stars

If you want a career change, LISTEN!
My role was recently made redundant and I found these audio CDs an easy listen in the car, providing sharp insight and a structured framework based on years of experience and case studies. Steve clearly sets out the things to think about and the actions to take to find ‘the next challenge’ be it a new job, a career change or your own business venture.
It was very encouraging to learn there is a process to follow that ultimately guides you to success.
AdamT, 5 Stars

Look To The Horizon.
I should prefix this review by explaining that I am fortunate to be currently undergoing the SMP Career Coaching Programme and am beginning my journey of rediscovery. Having attended the first wonderful `Career Change and Transition Masterclass’, I have truly valued listening to this set of CDs (lasting for some 2 ¼ hours) to help give me greater perspective and an opportunity for self-reflection.
The content comes across much like a `podcast’ where the Director, Steve Preston, tells a story in a very relaxed and informal style that will simply draw you in as he gives a brutally honest appraisal of his personal journey and the power of following his `Navigation Cycle’. Steve explains how he transformed his own life and is a real example of the phoenix rising from the ashes. For those of us who may have lost a job, or indeed `lost in the job’, this listening experience provides a consistent stream of golden nuggets of advice, reassurance, support and comfort.
Steve is clearly passionate about this subject and in his relaxed style he’ll tell you many real life success stories and the importance of following, but adhering to, a cyclical process where you will `Reap What You Sow’. You are encouraged throughout to become the `Architect’ of your own future where transformation follows much self-reflection of skills/attributes to build confidence, determine direction and ultimately lead to taking positive action to achieve success. There is added value when Steve is joined, interviewed and challenged by one of his key Associates, Debbie Smith, who is a well established personal branding guru.
So if you’re looking for a new job, or stuck in the `Velvet Rut’, this listening programme is a must to help inspire you to re-evaluate and think seriously about your personal circumstances, and realise the consequences of that daunting question “What will happen if you don’t change?”. So, steer for the horizon…
Steve E, 5 Stars


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