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Winning Through Redundancy

Six steps to navigate your way to a brighter future!

Winning Through Redundancy - The Internationally acclaimed life changing book by Author Steve Preston!

Author’s Note from Steve Preston

Winning Through Redundancy was my first book and is very dear to my heart. It was born out of the frustration of seeing so many people struggle to come to terms with redundancy, often losing confidence, self-belief and self-worth. Instead of the end of an era - it is often a blessing in disguise and the dawn of an exciting new beginning!

So, if you're:

  • Feeling 'lost' as a result of redundancy and seeking clarity and purpose
  • Fearing organisational restructuring and an uncertain future
  • Returning to work after a career break and looking for a positive new perspective

This book was written for you!



I wrote Winning Through Redundancy with the aim of helping people navigate the career transition maze! People I work with tell me ‘that clouds lifted’ giving clarity, self-awareness and a target to aim for. You will be much better equipped to know what is important to you in your life and career. Also, importantly, to understand what you have to offer a future employer or perhaps to become a business owner yourself. Above all else, know and have the tools to make a successful career change or transition, following redundancy. 

I will share moments of my own journey, following redundancy and you will see we have much in common. You will find many of my learning points, as well as some interesting and inspiring case studies and many powerful, practical exercises. I will take you on a voyage of self discovery and show you how you can win through redundancy to navigate your way to a brighter future and transform your career and life!

My aim is purposefully very different to many other best career books. My approach is to combine the power of Personal Development with practical Career Development strategies to help you combat the psychological and emotional responses to redundancy and career change to turn the threat into a real opportunity. People have said "Much more than a career book about redundancy strategies but a practical guide to successful career and life management which will change lives"

Each Chapter covers a step of my Career Navigation Cycle and has specific exercises which are all part of the process to help you achieve a successful outcome. My aim is to inspire you to start your journey and ultimately ‘take the leap of faith’ to find the right job, career or work for you. Isn’t it reassuring to know that, with the help of my self development book, you like me and many of the case studies featured, will also come to ‘love Mondays’, enjoy the work you do and achieve a fulfilling life?

You will also find many honest reviews on Amazon from a variety of people who have bought the book in paperback and Kindle. If you would like a personally signed copy from Steve click here for details.

When you have read Winning Through Redundancy, like many other readers, I would love to hear about about your journey and how my book has helped you along the way!



Watch Steve being interviewed about his book by International Consultant, Colin Hiles for his 'expert blog' series. This is a fascinating in depth interview and insight!

Book Feedback  - Here is a small selection of what some people said (dozens more on Amazon) which sum up why I wrote the book:

Hi Steve. I have just been made redundant after 25 years service progressing, via promotions up the company. My 24 year old daughter has been very supportive (it wasn't very well handled), researched and bought your book (winning through redundancy). I have just finished step 1 and am enjoying the book so far. I am finding the book very inspirational, enjoyable and fascinating. I know I have a long way to go, but already feeling positive and I only left the company 11 days ago! Thank you for taking the time to write the book!

Dear Steve,
I would just like to take the opportunity to say how useful, helpful and insightful “Winning Through Redundancy …” has been. I wonder if you keep a note of how far your book has traveled? If so add Japan to the list!  I have worked for 34 years in the global FMCG sector, moving to Japan 18 years ago, having married a Japanese lady. Following global restructuring, I was made redundant and I needed to find my own way and source of references on redundancy, fortunately I came across your book and ordered a copy.  In addition to the book I also got your Audiobook CDs “I Want a Career Change” and “How Colourful is Your Umbrella”, both very helpful and insightful. At this point in time there are a few routes I am exploring. However, at the age of 55 (but feeling like 35) the career portfolio strikes a note. Anyway, it’s all a new adventure, lots of new learning and insights that I would never have considered until I was made redundant! I find what you do with clients so inspiring and motivating.
Many thanks,
Nick McParland (Japan)

"Steve’s book, 'Winning Through Redundancy', is the perfect book if you’re a professional going through redundancy. I found it worked very well in combination with Steve’s ‘Navigate Your Way To a Brighter Future' Online Career Change Programme. Working through this book is like having an experienced careers mentor by your side, guiding you to make the best decisions for yourself. The book is full of helpful exercises and tips and most importantly it helps you to take control of your situation at a time when it is easy to feel vulnerable. Steve helps you to focus on the opportunities, to leave the past behind and build a much better future for yourself."
Denise Edens

"Our economic landscape remains difficult. And so perhaps it’s hardly surprising that there’s a whole plethora of books out there, about every aspect of redundancy. There are general books, specialist books, how-to books and how-not-to books. So, what sets Steve Preston’s book, “Winning through Redundancy”, apart? In my opinion, its simplicity; the sheer simplicity of the book’s core message. The Jazz musician, Charles Mingus, once said, “Anyone can make the simple complicated.
Creativity is making the complicated simple.” And that, to me, is the strength of Steve Preston’s book.
Being made redundant, or the threat of it, is a challenging situation, emotionally.
Insecurity about the future can make people behave impulsively; rushing important decisions, failing to take stock or to think strategically. And that sort of panic, fuelled by fear, is exactly what career coach Steve Preston advocates against, in his eminently practical book.
Winning Through Redundancy combines inspirational real-life case studies that offer the reader the opportunity to reflect on their learning from each one and practical, self-directed exercises. Preston encourages the reader to consider their options, to make informed decisions rather than knee-jerk reactions. The exercises, just six simple steps, have been created to tap into the reader’s unique set of strengths and skills, to provide them with a much-needed confidence boost and to offer them pointers for a new direction.
This deceptively simple book is useful for anyone who is at a career crossroads, whether or not they are facing redundancy and, indeed, anybody who feels that their life could do with an overhaul. Highly recommended - 4 Stars."
Robert Newman - Chartered Management Institute book club

“Redundancy! Just the very word fills so many with fear, doubt and stress. Those worries can now be phrased in the past tense. With Steve Preston's excellent new book: Winning Through Redundancy - anyone can regain control of their lives, their results, and their future. Dive into the Cycle Model and discover just how much you have to offer. Take a fresh P.E.R.S.P.E.C.T.I.V.E. on everything in your life and realise that even an unseen redundancy is the first day of the rest of your life.
Steve's down to earth, clearly defined, practical ideas are just what anyone facing redundancy or who's recently experienced it is looking for. It's your guide to the future, a road map to new successes, and a friend always by your side. Read on - you'll be so pleased you did.”

Peter Thomson - The UK's Most Prolific Information Product Creator

“I wish I had read this book ten years ago when I was questioning my career and my life. I love how Steve demystifies the process and emotions that people go through when making a career change and offers clear practical steps, help and guidance. This is not just a book about redundancy, it is a book about how to take your life in your hands and follow your heart. Thank you Steve!”
Tara W Cox

“At last a book that tackles redundancy in a positive, motivational and practical way, giving the reader the opportunity to handle their own situation with passion, energy and enthusiasm at a difficult time in their lives.This book is crammed with information based on Steve’s personal experience and many motivational and inspiring case histories. I particularly liked the fantastic practical exercises and common sense style that Steve uses to help you achieve what you really want at the next stage of your career.
The six steps are logical, chronological, easy to follow and will help you not only now but throughout your future career and life. Highly recommended for people who are serious about success and fulfilling their true ambitions and dreams by finding their ideal job or career"

Don Presland

“I’m wondering if you’re saying to yourself “Not another one of those ‘self-help’ books”….and you’d be right!…………it’s NOT another one of those self-help books. This one takes quite a different slant and focuses the attention of those people who have become ‘lost’ following redundancy and need some help to get back on the right track. Therefore the issue isn’t whether or not to read Winning Through Redundancy, it is whether you can afford not to, as Steve Preston’s Career Navigation Cycle is a process that leads people from darkness to light….and I should know.

It was my logical mindset that refused to neither understand nor accept why I was facing redundancy and I desperately needed guidance to help me through the darkness. Steve’s ‘Career Navigation Cycle’ is a lifeline that sits at the core of his outplacement programme and book and this presented me with a rational, systematic process to follow. The topsy-turvy ‘roller coaster’ journey allowed me to ‘let go’ of the past and regain confidence whilst building a sense of realisation and liberation that I could pursue something I truly enjoyed and life became much brighter and exciting filled with possibilities.
The easy style of the book reads as if you’re having a chat with a friend who is keen to give advice and stimulus to move you forward to achieve your true potential. Steve’s wealth of experience and passion will positively propel you, like me, to a new era that you may not have thought possible.
It’s true isn’t it, we all keep medicines in readiness to help recovery when we’re unwell? In today’s unstable economic environment it would be wise to keep a copy of Winning Through Redundancy in the First Aid Box as something Steve can prescribe for you ……you never know when you’ll need it!"

Steve Engwell

"Steve’s book is ‘The Knowledge’ of how to turn your career transition into a challenging yet positive and uplifting life changing experience. A must have guide for anyone embarking on a new voyage of career discovery!"
Gail Gibson

"This isn’t the sort of book that most people will buy for a relaxing read, although you will be pleasantly surprised, as I was. It will be read by people, who like me, find themselves at the crossroads of their working life, mainly as a result of redundancy. It will also appeal to people who want to change career because of a lack of fulfilment in what they are doing to earn a living.
It is often a huge step to seek help and then once that step is taken, to find the right advice to help move you forward on a “voyage of self-discovery”. This book becomes your friend and your mentor as you take stock of your life and look at how you can reinvent yourself as you “navigate your way to a brighter future”. As you read through each step prescribed by Steve, you will soon feel relaxed as you realise that he is talking to you and you alone. The style of the writing makes you feel as though you are having a one on one session with Steve himself! At each stage of the book you are challenged to think about where you are in your life and where you want to be. It invites you to re-evaluate your priorities. It questions your thinking and makes you step outside your comfort zone. All this is done in a way that is not intrusive or threatening. It makes you feel good about what you need to do to change your career or job. You have reached out your hand and asked for help and Steve has responded in a compassionate, caring way that makes you sit up and take notice and then actually take the next step towards “becoming the architect of your own future.
"Having read the book, I am more relaxed about the next step in seeking employment or whatever I choose to do. Each day is a day further away from my previous employer and a day further away from the feelings that go with redundancy. I now know don't have to rush into getting a job but, as Steve says, I obviously don't want to spend all my redundancy pay and then suddenly wake up!"

Ewen Anderson (Australia)


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