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SMP Career Navigation Cycle

Confucius says:
“If you love what you do you will never work another day for the rest of your life!”

What a wonderful sentiment and way to feel but how can you achieve such a desire? It’s like anything in life you have to put in the effort to get the reward. There is no magic wand or holy grail. You reap what you sow as the saying goes.

How serious are you about finding the right job, career or work for you? How much clarity do you have about what you really want to do next? 

The good news is Steve’s great love and interest in Career and Personal Development resulted in his desire to find a simple but effective method to help people navigate the career transition maze. By establishing the common themes for success, from his own personal experiences and a wide range of clients, Steve discovered there is a definite process to achieve successful career change or transition! 

The result is Steve’s successful, empowering, 6 Step Career Navigation Cycle process. This works regardless of the length of your career or level you have worked at, whether you wish to progress your career, are ‘lost in your job’ and wish to change career, have lost your job as a result of redundancy or are returning to work after a career break.

Check out the presentation below which has Steve’s video on slide 8, where he walks you through each of the six steps of his SMP Career Navigation Cycle. 

How will you know it works?…..because Steve has proven this hundreds of times, achieving successful outcomes for his clients. His highly acclaimed book ‘Winning Through Redundancy – Six steps to navigate your way to a brighter future’Online Career Change programmeMasterclasses and Coaching programmes are all based around his SMP Career Navigation Cycle process. Like many of Steve’s clients, you too can achieve a successful career transition, so Contact Steve to get the ball rolling!

Step 2 of the Cycle is ‘Re-evaluate’ – This is an integral step in any career transition or change. Why? Because you rarely get a chance to take stock of what is important to you in your career and life and WHY! Check out Steve’s Online Career Values & Needs Tool, which is an empowering way to determine the must have’s in your career and life and a great template to use to audit any future jobs or possible careers. People have also said it is an excellent tool to determine whether you are in the right job or career, so this could save you hours of time applying for the wrong jobs!

Life is too short – Steve’s products and programmes will help you transform your life so you look forward to going to work on Mondays as much as Fridays! Contact Steve now to discuss the best course of action for you to make a successful career transition!


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