Steve Preston - The Career Catalyst Breakthrough Career
and Personal Development

Following a very successful management career, Steve took redundancy over a decade ago when his company relocated.

Although he was offered the opportunity to move, he made a defining career and life choice not to let an employer control his future. This became the start of a real ‘voyage of self discovery’ and career transition journey into the unknown, a huge learning experience which eventually saw Steve find new passions in career and personal development which helped him to achieve a successful career change.

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Six Steps to a Brighter Future!

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“It’s a guide to your future, a road map to new successes and a friend always by your side”Peter Thompson The UK’s Most Prolific Information Product Creator

This is the definitive career change book on how to navigate your way to a brighter future!

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Catch Steve Preston The Career Catalyst ® Speaking

Steve is a regular speaker at City Business Library, London, Professional Associations, and a keynote for major career events and conferences. Catch one of Steve’s inspiring seminars on Navigating Your Way to a Brighter Future, Changing Careers, Winning Through Redundancy, Portfolio Careers & Lifestyle, Successful Job Search Strategies, Winning at Interviews, Networking in the Digital Age, Outplacement & Career Transition and many other Career & Personal Development topics.